Town of Derry
14 Manning Street, Derry, NH 03038
What is the Tax Rate?
Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau announced today that the State of New Hampshire, Department of Revenue Administration (DRA), has established the 2013 property tax rate for Derry.  An average homeowner will see an increase of 3.3% in their tax bill.

The Tax Rate for 2013 is $31.49 per thousand of assessed valuation, an increase of $1.01 from the comparable 2012 tax rate of $30.48.  The Town’s overall valuation increased by 0.7% due to the added property values from new construction and additions/remodeling of approximately $16.2 million.  

The Final 2013 Real Estate tax bills were mailed Friday, November 15, 2013 and payment will be due by Monday, December 16, 2013. Payments not made by that date will be subject to interest at 12% per annum in accordance with NH law. These bills are computed using a taxpayer’s current assessed valuation multiplied by the 2013 approved tax rate of $31.49 per thousand of valuation, less payments made for the preliminary billing that were due on July 2, 2013.

The comparison set forth below shows the tax impact on an average 2013 valued home:

Average Home Value
Tax Bill
2013 increase
2013 % Increase

The components making up the 2013 and 2012 rates are as follows:

2012 Actual
Town Services Rate
School Rate
State Education Rate
County Rate

Compared to the actual 2012 rates, the 2013 Town Services Rate was unchanged, the combined School and State Education Rates increased 5.4% and the County Rate decreased 0.9%.  $0.65 of the School Rate increase is due to a reduction in State Adequacy Aid of over $1.5 million.~ Salary and benefits were primarily responsible for the remainder of the increase, including an increase in NH Retirement System costs.~ Pinkerton Academy’s tuition rate increased, but the overall costs decreased due to lower enrollment.~ The State Education Rate increased $0.03.

The revised net taxable assessed valuation of the Town of Derry for 2013 is $2,348,174,549, compared to $2,331,939,161 for 2012.  This is an overall increase in valuation of 0.7%, as discussed earlier in this release.  

The following additional information provides details on the appropriations being funded and the amount of tax being raised by each component of the tax rates for 2013 and 2012:

Derry Town Service
Gross appropriations
Less: Revenues
Add: War credits & allowance for abatements
Net Town Appropriation to be raised by local taxation

Derry Cooperative School District

Gross appropriations
Less: Adequate Education Grant provided by the State of NH
Net School Budget to be raised by local taxation
Balance raised locally by State Education Tax Rate
Balance raised by Local School Tax Rate

Summary of Total Property Tax Commitment
Derry Town Services
Derry Cooperative School District
County Government
Less: War Service Credits
Total Property Tax Commitment

Other Information
Many options for payment are now available for you. For tax, water, sewer, motor vehicle renewals and general billing amounts due, you can mail, drop-off (both inside the building and outside the building located along the drive-thru lane), and/or use the drive-thru options for your convenience. Also, please feel free to use the envelopes provided with your tax bill to make your payment – it is forwarded directly to the Town’s bank and is the most efficient way to pay. The Water and Sewer bills have successfully implemented this payment option since June, 2007. Conveniently, these utility payments can also be sent directly to the Town’s bank only when using the envelope provided. Your future bills and statements will continue to offer you this option which I encourage you to use.

Motor vehicle registrations activity increases dramatically during the last week in the month. I want you to be aware that your service may be delayed if you come in person. EREG is always an alternative way to renew your vehicles if there are no changes in your information. Click here to access E-REG. Your registration and decals, provided they have no changes, will be mailed to you promptly and save you time. Our mail renewals are now sent to all registrants, if you prefer to use the mail option to renew your vehicles. Your registration has a new look - the laser form was created to improve security and aid law enforcement and inspection stations through better information.

The DRA has a program in place to assist Low and Moderate Income Homeowners with Property Tax Relief (RSA 198:56, and REV 1200 rules). This is a State run program and specific filing instructions and program information is available by calling the DRA at (603) 271-2192.